Directions to Dr. Wolfe’s office at 7988 Old Georgetown Road

Directions by Metro

  • The Bethesda Metro station is located on the Red Line.
  • Once out of the Bethesda Metro Station, walk north a few blocks (for about 7 – 10 minutes) on Old Georgetown Road to reach Dr. Wolfe’s office.
  • Another option is to take the free bus “Bethesda Circulator” from the Metro station to the Lutheran Church, which is at the corner of Old Georgetown and Glenbrook Roads. The office is then across the street.

By Car

  • Public parking is available at the Auburn Street Garage. (Note that the meters on the higher floors allow for more parking time than do those on floors G, 1, & 2.)
  • Exiting the garage on Auburn Street, turn left toward Old Georgetown Road, where you will see the “Suburban Florist.”
  • Cross Old Georgetown at the crosswalk, turn right, and head toward the “Old Georgetown Office Park” awnings.

Locating and entering the office:

  • The Old Georgetown Office Park is a large brown building with green awnings. It begins at Auburn Street and ends at Glenbrook Rd.
  • Dr. Wolfe’s office, 8~A, is at the corner of Glenbrook and Old Georgetown Roads.
  • For 8~A: walk down the stairs at 7988, and you will find 8~A.
  • The door requires a code, so please request that when you make your appointment.
  • If you forget the code and need to knock, please wait until 5 minutes before the hour.
  • Please refrain from using cell phones in the waiting room, and remember to keep conversation at a low level.
  • And please avoid the use of perfume or scented products on days you have appointments in our offices because these products act as an asthma trigger.

Thank you in advance for your courtesy.